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, , ZDLE Pickleball Paddle with Carbon Fiber and Polypropylene Honeycomb Core. Enjoy Pickleball Fun with Families and Friends.

ZDLE pickleball paddles Optimize the weight distribution on the top of the paddle, the grip and the joints to achieve a precise hitting.
Balance for a wonderful power and flexibility experience for you.
Perfect Partner for Your Pickleball Sport.

High-tech polymer honeycomb provide excellent power and control.
Graphite carbon fiber face provides high-speed performance while maintaining power.

Comfortable Pickleball paddle with soft leather to improve comfort.
Give the wrist great flexibility and Maneuverability to swing pickleball paddles & spin balls.
Ergonomic design keeps longtime play without joint fatigue.

Pickleball racket with hard edge protection, provide protection on ground hits.
Enhance the strength and durability of pickleball racket.

Graphite pickleball paddle, easy to carry!
Play with families friends for indoor outdoor games, backyard activity etc, bring great exercise and fun.
Perfect as pickleball gifts to surprise you.

Product Specifications:
Hitting Surfaces: Graphite Surfaces with UV printing technology
Core: Polymer Honeycomb Core Matching Glue Craftsmanship
Paddle Dimensions: 15.4” Length x 7.84″ Width
Handle Size: 4.13 in
Grip Circumference: 1.57 in-1.37 in
Weight: 7.9 oz – 8.3 oz
What you get:
2 ZDLE pickleball paddles, 4 pickleball balls (yellow, orange) 26 holes for indoor 40 holes for outdoor, 1 pickleball bag, 1 fancy packing box About ZELE Pickleball Paddle:
Graphite Pickleball paddle, made of full carbon fiber, polymer honeycomb core and composite materials.
Use hot press molding process or cold plate bonding process, plus UV printing or watermark printing process.
A fitness and sports product made by the process of surface style, winding hand glue, and other processes.

【FIBERGLASS PICKLEBALL PADDLES SET】: ZDLE family series pickleball paddles, made of advanced fiberglass materials, fiberglass pickleball paddle surface is stiff with a cushioned layer, give good bounce and nice sweet spot. Pickleball set use top UV printing technology, with blue gradient graffiti as the main color. Find court and pickleball net, play pickleball game with your families friends now!
【LIGHTWEIGHT CONSTRUCTION】: Pickleball paddle set with lightweight construction, optimize the weight distribution on the top of pickleball paddle, grip, joint to achieve powerful hit. Thicker polypropylene honeycomb core in pickleball racket matching glue craftsmanship, accumulate and transfer more energy, balance in power and control, construction allows for strong hit without feeling resonance.
【LESS FATIGUE, MORE JOY】: Pickleball rackets provide great exercise and fun without putting much stress on joints, enjoy the vitality of pickleball sport. Comfy ergonomic handle with strong grip, non-slip & dissipate sweat, allow maximum flexibility of wrist, hit the ball back and forth, pickle ball raquette make striking the ball feel solid even different strokes. Pickle ball paddle make game more enjoyable.
【MEMORABLE PICKLEBALL TIME】: Pickleball a good sport for all ages, get you moving! Play pickleball paddles with kids family friends, definitely a good thing to create nice memory. Low-profile edge guard provides protection for pickle ball raquettes, sturdy and durable. Pickleball equipment comes with fancy packing box, great pickleball gifts will surprise you.
【PLAY ANYWHERE ANYTIME】: Premium Pickleball paddles set of 2, ideal alternative for schools, community centers, sports clubs, youth groups, gyms. Pickleball rackets with pickleball bag, easy to carry, take the whole pickleball set with you! Play with pickleball paddles and 4 pickleball balls for beach games, backyard activity, park, indoor outdoor game etc, just feel pickleball joy., $58.99, $58.99 - $48.99