Winning Ugly: Johns and Johns Get it Done on Saturday in a Series of Three-Game Matches

In a series of three-game matches on Saturday in Cincinnati, Ben and Collin Johns, known as the Johns Brothers, showcased their tenacity and ability to win under pressure. Despite Collin’s less-than-ideal physical condition due to a strained Achilles, the duo fought their way to victory. One particular match worth watching was their quarterfinal against Federico Staksrud and Pablo Tellez, a formidable team deserving of a high seed. The match was filled with constant adjustments and strategic tactics, resulting in intense moments and extended rallies. Although it may not have been the prettiest match, it was certainly one that will be remembered for its gritty and entertaining pickleball. After a hard-fought battle, the Johns Brothers emerged triumphant, leaving their opponents with a bittersweet feeling. This article highlights the Johns Brothers’ ability to win even when they aren’t at their best and demonstrates their mastery of competing and strategizing under immense pressure.

Winning Ugly: Johns and Johns Get it Done on Saturday in a Series of Three-Game Matches

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Match 1: Johns/Johns vs. Staksrud/Tellez

Collin’s slow start

In the first match against Federico Staksrud and Pablo Tellez, Collin Johns had a slow start. He missed several easy dinks and returns, which is uncharacteristic of his usual performance. This sluggish start put the Johns brothers at a disadvantage early on in the game.


Game 1 loss for the Johns brothers

Due to Collin’s slow start, the Johns brothers ended up losing the first game with a score of 15-13. It was a disappointing start for the team, but they didn’t let it deter their spirits. They knew they had to make a comeback in the following games to secure a victory.

Comeback in Game 2

With their backs against the wall, the Johns brothers fought back in the second game. They made the necessary adjustments and improved their performance. Their determination and resilience paid off as they secured a win in the second game with a score of 11-4.

Match point saved and victory in Game 3

The decisive third game was filled with tension and pressure for both teams. Staksrud and Tellez had a chance to close out the match when they were up 10-7-2. However, the Johns brothers saved a match point and went on to win five consecutive points, ultimately winning the game with a score of 12-10. It was a heartbreaking loss for Staksrud and Tellez, but a testament to the Johns brothers’ ability to handle pressure and come out on top.

Match 2: Johns/Johns vs. Newman/Wilson

Johns brothers drop first game

Once again, the Johns brothers found themselves losing the first game in their match against Riley Newman and Thomas Wilson. Despite their previous victory, they struggled to find their rhythm and fell behind early in the game. However, they remained focused and determined to turn things around.

Strong performance by Newman/Wilson

Newman and Wilson, a brand-new duo, put on a strong performance in the match. Wilson’s solid defense and ability to generate pace off the speed-ups, combined with Newman’s skills, posed a challenge for the Johns brothers. They had to find a way to disrupt their opponents’ game and make a comeback.

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Unable to close the door in Game 2

With the match on the line, Wilson and Newman had an opportunity to close out the game when the score was tied at 10-10-2. However, they couldn’t capitalize on this chance and ended up losing the second game. It was a crucial point in the match, but the Johns brothers didn’t let it discourage them.

Johns brothers clinch victory in Game 3

In the decisive third game, the Johns brothers took control early on and secured a lead. Their experience and ability to execute their strategies efficiently played a significant role in their success. They clinched the victory with a resounding 11-0 win in the third game, cementing their spot in the final.

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Johns/Johns: The Best Team in the World

Winning under pressure

What sets the Johns brothers apart as the best team in the world is their ability to perform under pressure. In both matches, they faced challenges, fell behind, and had their opponents on the brink of victory. However, they remained composed and found a way to come back and secure victories. Their mental fortitude and competitive spirit make them a formidable team.

Strategies and adjustments

One of the keys to the Johns brothers’ success is their ability to make strategic adjustments during a match. They are constantly analyzing their opponents’ game and finding ways to exploit their weaknesses. This adaptability allows them to stay one step ahead and disrupt their opponents’ rhythm.

Competing at a high level

To be considered the best team in the world, consistent high-level performance is crucial, and the Johns brothers deliver just that. Despite not playing at their best level in these matches, they found a way to win. Their experience, teamwork, and skill make them a force to be reckoned with on the pickleball court.

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The matches between the Johns brothers and their opponents, Staksrud/Tellez and Newman/Wilson, showcased the resilience and determination of the Johns brothers. It wasn’t always pretty, but they found a way to win in pressure-packed situations. Their ability to make adjustments, compete at a high level, and perform under pressure solidifies their position as the best team in the world. pickleball fans and enthusiasts can learn a lot from their matches and the strategies they employ. The Johns brothers’ success serves as an inspiration to all aspiring pickleball players.

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