Vatic Pro Flash Carbon Fiber 14mm (Old Design) – Includes Paddle Cover

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Vatic Pro V7 pickleball paddle: With the optimal intersection of Power, Grit, and Control, Vatic Pro has implemented the highest quality materials and engineering to help you perform at the highest level on the pickleball court. L: 16.375″ W: 7.5″ Weight: 8.0oz Why Vatic Pro? Using a single piece of 360-degree wrapped heat-pressed TORAY T700 carbon fiber, we provide a dominant yet sleek paddle while still maintaining a competitive price. Carbon Fiber is Durable, Lightweight, and Tough. Even through rigorous play, your V7 paddle will maintain its integrity, grit, and strength. Other brands choose to use either fiberglass, graphite, or a mixture of the two, resulting in a surface that is 20% weaker than pure carbon fiber and grit that deteriorates after each game.
Being slightly thinner, our 14MM Flash paddle has unparalleled “pop” at a level that is unheard of for a paddle that only weighs 7.6oz. The aerodynamic shape and lightweight form produce an easy swing speed and the ability to hit crushing shots with a slightly smaller sweet spot. The Flash is the paddle for you if you prefer playing more offensively and aggressively.
Our raw heat-textured TORAY T700 carbon fiber surface provides more spin than any other material in the pickleball market. For those thinking about switching to a raw carbon fiber surface, it feels more like sandpaper as opposed to the glossy feel other paddles have, allowing players to grip the ball, shape their shots, and play aggressively.
The entire edge guard encased in carbon fiber, which creates continuous dynamic tension, a more prominent “sweet spot,” and unparalleled power. This is in addition to our foam inject walls, which create a softer and more controlled impact.
Using multi-layered, TORAY T700 raw carbon fiber, heated pressure is applied for over 2 hours to cure and deliver a consistent surface treatment. There are over 5 hours involved in producing a single paddle.
Still, the shape and technology behind our Flash have formed a 14MM paddle with more control than any competing paddle on the market. With its slightly shorter and broader build, we were able to balance the weight to create a sweet spot that is perfect for resets, drops, and dinking.
USAPA Approved and used by top PPA professionals such as Spencer Smith
List Price: $139.99

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