USA Standard 40-Hole Outdoor Balls with Portable Pickleball Net

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USA Standard 40-Hole Outdoor Balls with Portable Pickleball Net
[Official Size for Tournament] The niupipo pickleball net is in line with the official pickleball guideline at 22” wide, 36” high on the sidelines, and 34” tall at the center. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced pickleball player, our pickle ball net will surely reach your satisfaction. Set up your pickleball tournaments or casual games today with the niupipo portable pickleball net!
[Exceptional Quality for Long-lasting Use] niupipo pickleball nets apply powder-coated thick steels for a rust-proof frame and employ resilient Tetoron for a tear-resistant net. 20” wide meta base provides extra stability on windy days. A fiberglass center rod keeps the pickleball net stable and prevents it from sagging in the middle, and the bottom ligature keeps the pickle ball net from slipping up. This portable pickleball net system can withstand intensive games with lifelong durability.
[Portable with a Carry Bag] This portable pickleball net comes with a zipped bag. All the sports net accessories can be stored in this durable carrying bag. The 600D Oxford bag weighs 19 lbs and measures the size of 38” x 5.5” x 7” (L x W x H), a compact size for stowing. Space-saving, portable, and convenient for travel or camping. Set up your gaming field and enjoy it with our pickleball netting system!
[Good Balance & High Elasticity] In each of the pickleball balls are 40 precision-drilled holes all across from top to bottom, which is designed to minimize wind interference and air resistance, giving the pickleball balls outdoor a perfectly balanced flight and tight, reliable spin with every hit. In addition, the high elasticity of our pickleballs mainly comes from high-quality materials and precise processing.
[Durable with High-Quality Material] These pickleball balls use high-quality materials that offer greater durability and resist splitting, which makes them long-lasting without deformation. These outdoor pickleball balls can withstand repeated hits for a long time while being suitable for any court.
List Price: $119.99