Third Shot Drop Special Edition Series Pickleball Paddle | Triple Layer Carbon Fiber Diamond Weave Surface

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The Kratos H SE 2, like the KH SE, has a 16mm polymer core and a Triple Layer Carbon Fiber Diamond weave surface. Polymer cores are the most popular cores used in paddles today because of their balance between power and control. We have selected the optimal cell diameter and wall thickness and 16mm core thickness for the best balanced paddle available today.
The KH SE2 has a handle that is an inch longer than the KH SE. It has a 7 1/2” wide face and is 16 1/2” long with a 6” long octagonal shaped handle and 4 3/8” grip circumference. It has an extra large rectangular sweet spot with a lot of surface area. We designed the KH SE 2 to enable players that use two handed backhands (and forehands) to better control the paddle.
The triple layer carbon fiber diamond weave surface holds the ball on the surface a bit longer to allow players to create spin and execute precise touch shots as well as neutralize the drives with a softer feel than other paddles
The Kratos H Special Edition is the best selling paddle in our line and is only available in limited supply each month due to the nature and scarcity of its materials. We expect demand for the extended handle version to be just as popular with all the tennis players now playing pickleball.
List Price: $325.00

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