SWATmine Landmine, Portable Fitness Equipment, Full Body Workout System for Enhanced Strength

, , What is the SWATmine? At first glance, the SWATmine seems like nothing more than a holding spot for a barbell (not included). In reality, the SWATmine is a truly portable landmine training unit that you can place anywhere you want – anytime you want. The SWATmine allows you to train landmine workouts indoors, outdoors, in your home or your training facility. There are different types of landmine units on the market today. There are landmine units that weigh around 30 to 45lbs, landmine post that you need weight plates to hold the unit in place and landmine post attachments that are attached to a frame or wall. The SWATmine is truly a portable landmine unit that you can place in a backpack or workout bag and take it with you at anytime! Now that is convenience for Personal Trainers, Bootcamp Instructors, Gym Owners and anyone that has a Home Gym. The simple, rotating base transforms an ordinary plate and bar into a new workout tool. The SWATmine design creates an environment that straddles the line between free weights and fixed movements, and the movement pattern is semi-circular, which aligns with squatting, pressing and pulling. That versatility means you can crank out a full-body workout in one spot. The benefits of this set-up go far beyond convenience. The SWATmine utilizes torque, due to the space between your grip and the loaded plate, the intensity and muscular demand increases. The design also ups the challenge on your core. People often train their midsections to rotate, but the primary responsibility of the abs is resisting rotation; many of the exercises you can do with a SWATmine improve that skill.
The SWATmine weighs only 12lbs and is designed for easy movability and stowing away. Majority of “Base Plate” Landmines weigh between 30 to 45lbs and are ackward to handle and carry.
SWATmine’s solid steel construction (made in the USA) makes the the unit feel very stable. (barbell not included)
Fits into most backpacks/workout bags for carry to and from the gym, outdoors, vehicle, garage…etc.
The SWATmine does not need to be BOLTED DOWN! Just place the SWATmine where you want – when you want.
Minimize damage to your Flooring, Walls and Barbells in your home or training facility utilizing the SWATmine! Protect your investments!, $209.95, $209.95