Sunny Health & Fitness SF-BH6629 45 Degree Hyperextension Roman Chair

, , Enhance your fitness goals with the SF-Bh6629 45⁰ hyperextension Roman chair. The 45⁰ hyperextension Roman chair places the hip in a perfect angle to maximize glute and hamstring muscle activation. This allows for more stabilized movements while targeting the back muscles and protecting the spine. The SF – bh 6629 45⁰ hyperextension Roman chair will increase back/core strength while toning and firming the glutes and hamstrings. Sometimes getting the results is as simple as the equipment being used. Get the SF – Bh6629 45⁰ hyperextension Roman chair by Sunny health and fitness.
LOWER BODY WORKOUT: Targets the lower back, hip and glutes.
EXPERT DESIGNED: Features a sleek and sturdy compact steel frame design ideal for home use.
SPACE SAVING: Foldable for easy storage, convenience and portability.
COMFORT: high density foam hip support pads with foam leg rollers.
CUSTOMIZATION: Adjustable for different height requirements, maximum weight capacity is 250 LB.
NONSLIP HANDLEBARS: Maintain a solid grip while you work on your gains., $94.98, $94.98