Resistance Bands Set for Men – Build Muscle with Heavy Weight Exercise Bands – Quick Start Workout Guide for Full Body Training – Durable Fitness Tension Bands with Handles, Ankle Cuffs & Door Anchor

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Save Time, Get Results

Finding time to workout is hard. Between work stress, your social life and family commitments, fitness often takes a backseat. So how do you stay on top of your fitness goals and enjoy all the benefits of regular exercise?

Purely Fit has a complete solution for you – our Resistance Bands Set and Workout Program have everything you need to burn fat and get full body results, without having to step foot inside a gym. Build lean muscle & save time by adopting our training system and be confident the energy you put into fitness will pay off.

Resistance Bands SetResistance Bands Set

Your Full Body Gym

Everything you need to see results is included with your purchase: five resistance bands ranging from 10 lbs to 50 lbs (stackable up to 150 lbs!), two oversized handles, two ultra padded ankle straps, a door anchor, a twenty page printed workout guide and a drawstring backpack so you can take your set anywhere. We don’t just provide a premium product, the real reason to choose Purely Fit is our VIP program…

Purely Fit VIP ResourcesPurely Fit VIP Resources

Become A Purely Fit VIP And…

Master Resistance Bands

Don’t know how to do the exercises? That’s OK! We provide step by step instructions AND videos of over 60 exercises. We’ll teach you how to build your chest, arms, back, legs and abs so you can target every muscle group.

Gain Access To VIP Resources

Getting fit isn’t just about training, it’s also about nutrition, mindset and support. Our resources include a nutrition eBook with 50+ high protein recipes. And on those days you can’t find motivation to workout, head to our online VIP community for workouts and inspiration. With Purely Fit, get all the tools you need to see the results you want.

VIP Access Includes: 60+ instructional exercise videos Nutrition eBook with 50+ recipes Digital copy of the workout guide VIP Community for support and motivation Unlimited support from our team All the tools you need to see the results you want

Results In 30 Mins Per Day

Results In 30 Mins Per Day

Resistance Bands Materials - Premium Quality

Resistance Bands Materials - Premium Quality

Take Your Bands Anytime, Anywhere

Take Your Bands Anytime, Anywhere

Printed Workout Guide To Get Started

Printed Workout Guide To Get Started

Results In 30 Minutes Per Day

Ready to burn fat & build lean muscle? With trainer designed workouts, step by step instructions and how-to videos for each exercise, we’ll teach you how to effectively use resistance bands. Give us 30 minutes per day and we’ll give you results.

Be Confident In Your Bands

Put your bands through intense daily exercise and be confident your bands won’t break or snap. They were built with the highest quality materials, including double layered 100% natural latex, reinforced links and stainless steel carabiners. No cost spared.

Take Your Bands Anywhere

Whatever your week has in store, your workout can come with you. Easily packed into your drawstring backpack, your set of stackable resistance bands and workout guide make it easy to get a workout in at the office, at the gym or while traveling.

Hit The Ground Running

Stop wasting time and effort with workouts that aren’t getting you results. As soon as you receive your bands, our printed guide makes it easy to get started. Along with our VIP Resources, Purely Fit gives you everything you need to see the results you want.

Creating A Healthier FutureCreating A Healthier Future

Burn Fat And Build Muscle – Purely Fit is the only brand with a system that gives you the tools you need to get the results you want. With our workout program, exercise tutorials, and nutrition guide you’ll master bands, shed fat, and build lean muscle FAST. Your results matter to us, that’s the Purely Fit difference.
Master Resistance Band Training – Don’t know where to start? Perfect. We’ve made it easy to learn over 50 exercises by providing step-by-step instructions and tutorial videos for each movement. Learn how to build your chest, back, arms, legs and core with Purely Fit bands. Fitness made for everyone.
Use With Confidence – Resistant bands can break, especially if used incorrectly or if they’re made of poor quality materials. With Purely Fit, you learn proper technique AND get the highest quality product, made of double layered 100% natural latex, reinforced links and oversized stainless steel carabiners. Ideal for intense daily exercise.
Save Time And Skip The Gym – Use our printed workout guide to get an effective strength training session in 30 minutes or less. Take our resistance tube bands on-the-go or level up your at home routine. With our packable set and drawstring backpack, it’s easy to get a full body workout anytime, anywhere.
Purely Fit Promise – By purchasing our bands, you’ve bought into a brand on a mission to help our customers create a healthier future. Our customers and community are priority #1. If you have any issues with your bands, just reach out and we’ll refund or replace them stress-free. Welcome to Purely Fit., $60.00, $60.00 - $29.99