Pickleball Paddle Pro,Weave Graphite Fiber,Textured Surface for Spin,Usapa Approved for Tournament,Carbon Fiber Pickleball Racket,16mm Midweight Pickleball Racquet,5.5″ Longer Handle With Cover

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[Special Molded-In Textured Surface]
Textured Graphite Surface Pickleball Paddle
Make Ball Spin Faster.
Improve Playing Skill Level quickly.

[USAPA Approved]
More Better for New Players to Professional Indoor & Outdoor Tournament.

[Easy Control to Play]
Honeycomb Composite Core inside to offer more power ;
Designd with special structure and weave carbon fiber;
With right weight and balance;
More easier to control for any skill level players ;

Especially for top players at tournament;

[If didn`t know about textured Paddle]
Amazing gift for pickleball enthusiast ;
This textured paddle is a amazing paddle than you ever saw ;

[For New Players]
This textured pickleball paddle will helpfull to improve playing skill level quickly ;

[For Professional]
This textured pickleball paddle will helpful to play better;

Weave tech with graphite carbon fiber.
Molded-in textured surface.
Honeycomb composite polymer core.
A paddle cover include

[FOR SPIN & TEXTURED SURFACE]The surface of the paddle is solid textured,not smoothly face .The molded-in texture is created on the face of the paddle during carbon fiber molding process and will not wear off like spray-on coatings.The textured surface can make the pickleball spin faster with more power.
[TOURNAMENT & USAPA APPROVED]It`s USAPA APPROVED and can been playing with in the tournament.The silm body with edge guard can make the power more concentrated,more explosive,then make the pickleball flying faster.
[POWERFUL & MIDWEIGHT]The paddle is midweight with the weave carbon fiber hardness surface and the right PP honeycomb cell,can offer the pickleball more power when hit it,and the pickleball will flying faster wherever want it going .
[CONTROL & LONGER HANDLE]The 5.5″ longer handle like tennis racket handle,wrapped by soft and comfortable grip,handle circle at 4.25″,so the paddle is easier control and playing with by all skill level players.Can help the player improve playing skill lever quickly.
[DURABLE & WEAVE GRAPHITE FIBER]The carbon fiber face of the paddle made with weave tech,it`s strength and hardness are better, make the paddle can withstand greater impact,more durable than ordinary paddles in longer time playing .
List Price: $98.99

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