Pickleball Ball Retriever, Fits Standard Pickleball Paddle, Pick Up Pickleball Ball Without Bending Over, Pickleball Grabber Pickleball Accessory

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Dink Tech Pickleball Ball Retriever is a great accessory for any serious pickleball enthusiast. Fits standard pickleball paddle. Light weight (less then 1 oz.) the pickleball retriever will not affect pickleball paddle dynamics. Saves your back, knees, and hips from unwanted strain, the pickleball grabber lets you save your energy for the game. Attractively boxed, the Dink Tech Pickleball Ball Retriever makes a great gift.
Light Weight – Pickleball retriever weighs 23 grams, will not interfere with Pickleball paddle dynamics
Easy to Use – Fits all standard pickleball paddles, pickleball graqbber installs in quickly with no need to remove
Save Your Back – Reduce strain on your back, knees, and hips, have more energy for the game, avoid unnecessary strain
List Price: $13.95