Minimize your Backswing when Dinking as if you were Hitting a Short, 3-Foot Putt for Birdie!

As a former weekend golfer (hacker), I have come to appreciate many principles and technique tips that can be transferred from the golf course to the pickleball court. So if you’re a golfer – even a miniature (putt putt) golfer – the following technique tip might just resonate with you!

Minimize Dinking Backswing like Putting in Golf

“You’re Taking Too Big of a Backswing When Dinking!”

As I give pickleball lessons, this is a common “error” for those just learning the importance and technique of the dink – or even drop shot, for that matter. Most are guilty, at least to some degree – particularly on the forehand wing – of taking the paddle too far back (many making contact with the ball “behind” their body) when hitting this soft, delicate shot.

With this larger backswing, you are forced to decelerate thru contact so that the pickleball doesn’t go too far and too high such that your opponent can attack.  This deceleration will, no doubt, wreak havoc with your control and consistency.  Without this control and consistency, you’re in for a long day on the pickleball courts!

Pretend You’re Putting for Birdie!

To kick the habit of taking the paddle too far back when dinking – and giving your opponents balls that they can attack – pretend you’re on the 18th green at Augusta National Golf Course.  You’ve just hit an approach shot within 3 feet of the pin and you have that short putt remaining for birdie.

As you line up the putt and execute the shot, you certainly wouldn’t take the putter very far back and decelerate through the putt.  Instead you would take a very short backswing and accelerate through towards the cup.

This same principle should apply to your dinks – and drops.

It will give you much better control and consistency.  And who knows, perhaps this tip improves your miniature golf game as well.

See you on the courts!