LUREASY Chest Expander, Exercise Resistance Bands for Chest Arm Legs Shoulder Back Muscles Training,with 5 Removable Ropes, Fitness Training Set for Pilates Push Ups Full Body Home Gym Workout Band

Material: PP live ABS plastic handle
5 tension tubes in 4.5cm length
Each tension tube has a value of 18 pounds and a force of about 6 kilograms
A’ set of forces totaling 50 to 150 pounds
Chest expander, popularly known as chest expander, is designed to exercise chest
muscles. Of course, chest expander can also help exercise other parts of the muscle.

In order to ensure a safe and effective workout with a pulsar, the following points
must be noted:
1. Do not wear sharp objects such as pens, keys, knives, badges, watches, mobile phones, jewelry and other valuables when using the pulleys, so as not to affect the exercise and cause damage or unnecessary losses.
2. The maximum distance of the latex pull tube is 150 cm, and the pull of each pull tube is about 6 kg. Do not pull too long or exceed the limit, otherwise the tension tube will lose elasticity and fracture may occur.
3. When using tension tube puller. To wear long-sleeved sportswear and sweatpants,the steel wire tension device should not be close to the body, to prevent the tension tube force is too large to lead to fracture and wound the body.
4, before using the pull tube or rubber strip pull device, one end of the pull device should be firmly stepped on by hand or foot or fixed on other objects. It should be held firmly, stepped on, tightened and fixed to prevent slipping or sudden rebound causing injury accidents.
5. When using the pull tube, each wire spring must be hooked on the big ring and pulled by hand holding the handle. Do not hold several large rings to pull, in case the force is too concentrated on the tension tube, pull the tension tube bad.

CHEST EXPANDER NATURAL RUBBER TUBES:Our exercise training rope is designed with 5 removable rubber tubes which are sturdy enough and will not break,without any pungent smell.Eco-friendly anti-skid handle to keep you preventing your hand from falling off the chest exerciser.
HEAVY DUTY EXERCISE ROPES:These chest expander resistance bands fit adult,beginner, professional athlete and patient.The stretch bands training for arm ,hand,chest,back,shoulders and your full upper body.You can remove several tubes to change the resistance of exercise set.
MULITY 5 LEVELS RESISTANCE:There is a chest expander with 5 levels resistance,you should control the number of tubes to get
DIFFERENT RESISTANCE:You can get about 30-150 Lbs resistance from these latex tubes.
SAFETY ENOUGH: The work out chest expander with latex tubes are safer than iron set. The springs were hazard with pinching but latex tubes are not.These exercise sets adopt non-slip handles design,you don’t have to worry about it slipping out of your hands, $9.99, $9.99