Lifetime Pro Pickleball Set – Includes Pickleball Net, 4 Paddles, 3 Outdoor Pickleballs, 1 Indoor Pickleball, 2 Portable Bases, Steel Poles, Paddle Bag, and Bag for Complete Set

, ,Get outside with your family and friends and face off to determine who is the Pickleball champ. The Lifetime Pro Pickleball Set provides hours of exercise that is sure to be competitive and fun. Get into teams of 2 with the 4 paddles included in the set. Each set of paddles comes with a matching, color-coordinated design so you can distinguish between teams. The high quality net and base are made to maintain regulation height and width while you compete. With 3 outdoor Pickleballs and 1 indoor Pickleball, you can start a match rain or shine. The Lifetime Pro Pickleball Set is the perfect way to stay active and bond with family and friends. Lifetime Pro Pickleball set – Features a freestanding 20-foot heavy-duty pickleball net, (4) high quality paddles, (3) outside pickleballs, (1) indoor pickleball, (2) portable bases, powder-coated steel poles (grey) and a bag for paddles and a bag for complete set.
HIGH QUALITY REGULATION NET: Connected base and fiberglass poles provide greater so the net maintains regulation height and length
COMPLETE SET: 4 Top of the Line Graphite Paddles, 1 Indoor and 3 Outdoor Pickleballs
STRONG & STABLE: Heavy Duty Durable Bases, Powder-Coated Steel Poles
PORTABLE SET: Complete Set Bag for Easy Transport and Storage
Net Length: 20 ft. 3 in | Net Height: 34 – 36 in. | Base Dimensions: 22 in. L x 8 in. W x 4 in. H | Paddle Dimensions: 15.5 in. L x 7.8 in. W, $269.99, $269.99