Kobra Tech Resistance Bands Set – 11 Pc. Kit with 5 Adjustable-Resistance Exercise Bands, Handles, and Ankle Straps – Workout Bands for at-Home Fitness, Strength Training, and Physical Therapy

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Redefine Your Workout

Staying active is essential for your wellness, but making it to the gym is often a chore.

Exercise in the comfort of home with your resistance bands for men and women from Kobra Tech!

Increase your strength, build muscle mass, and tone your shape, all without heavy equipment.

Target 1 muscle at a time or enjoy a total body workout with numerous possible exercises.

Set to Crush Your Goals.

Experience fitness for all levels with your complete resistance bands for exercise set:

– 5 varied-level resistance bands: 10 lbs., 20 lbs., 30 lbs., 40 lbs., and 50 lbs.

– 2 padded handles

– 2 padded ankle straps

– 1 door anchor

– 1 carry bag

Adjust to Your Level

Rethink your potential with elastic bands for exercise that let you modify your resistance level. Each band includes a special shortening device with an attached groove ball, which can shorten or lengthen the band. Keep track of your progress with the help of labeled lengths on each tube.

Details to Dominate

Optimize your workout with your stretch bands designed to boost your safety and your comfort.

– Durable latex: Unlike competitors with hollow bands, your weight bands are constructed from solid, 100% latex that’s tough enough to withstand as much effort as you can deliver.

– Sturdy stitching: Trust your workout to reinforced, double stitching that will never let you down.

– Cushy handles: Ensure powerful pulls with a firm, comfy grip.

– Padded ankle straps: Never cut a workout short due to painful straps digging into your skin.

Lock it Down

No hooks? No problem! Support your workout with the easy-to-set-up anchor of your exercise bands & tubes. Made with heavy-duty foam to shield the door from damage, it effortlessly braces your weight and movement, no tools required.

Create your own at-home gym with your resistance bands set from Kobra Tech!

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Anytime, Anywhere

Forget the hassle of going to the gym; instead, conveniently exercise at home!

With an effortless set up, your resistance bands for women and men ensure a powerful workout even if you only have a few minutes to spare.

When you’re on the go, simply pack your bands in your carry bag and enjoy a muscle-busting sweat session in any place.

Full-Body Workout Set 5 resistance bands: 10 lbs., 20 lbs., 30 lbs., 40 lbs. and 50 lbs. Each band includes an adjustment mechanism to shorten or lengthen the band. 2 padded handles 2 padded ankle straps

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How to Customize Your Resistance

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Personalize Your Pull

Easily adjust the resistance of your workout bands with the attached shortening device.

Choose Your Level

Your fitness bands include marked measurements for quick reference.

Fasten in a Cinch

Slip the red ball into the shortening device to lock in the adjustment.

Get to Work!

Your resistance band is securely adjusted and ready to work out!

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Secure Attachment

Flexibly exercise in a variety of spaces thanks to the included door anchor of your resistance bands set. Your anchor makes certain your door can brace your weight and remain damage free with help from a thick, foam cushion.

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Bands that Work as Hard as You Do

Give it all you got with your weight bands that can take the heat! Constructed from solid, 100% latex, rest assured your stretch bands will never snap in the middle of a workout.

●【Bring the Gym Home】– Take charge of your workout goals with your resistance bands for women and men from Kobra Tech! Exercise anytime and anywhere without the need for heavy equipment!
●【Ready to Work】– Boost your strength with everything you need in 1 kit. Your set includes 5 fitness bands with a mechanism for shortening the tube, 2 handles, 2 ankle straps, 1 door anchor, and 1 carry bag.
●【Personalized Resistance】– Ditch the countless barbells and dumbbells for 5 bands for working out that adjust to your level. By shortening the tube, you can increase resistance for greater muscle stimulation.
●【Strong and Sturdy】– Empower your fitness with an optimally designed resistance band. Feel at ease to always give 100% percent effort thanks to its stretchy, durable latex that won’t tear or break.
●【Accessories for Action】– Easily reinforce your exercise band with your included door stop anchor. Stay comfortable with help from ankle straps and handles featuring cushioned padding and double seams., $34.80, $34.80