EZL Resistance Bands Set of 5 Bands, Work Out Resistance Bands

, , -EZLifts resistance bands offer quality 100% latex strength bands that can be used for muscle building, rehabilitation, and strength training purposes. -The bands offer a compact design including 5 slick different colored bands each varying in resistance as color deepens and come in 1 slim and lightweight carrying bag for easy transportation and storage. Includes: -5 EZLift resistance bands -1 carrying bag Main Features: – Durable – Lightweight – Portable Product Dimensions: -Carrying Container (LxWxH)- 4.5”x3”x6” -EZL Bands (LxH)- 12”x2”. These Bands are Great for: -Sports/ Athletics – Fitness / Gym Workouts – Injury rehabilitation – Body shaping weight loss – Physical therapy – Home workouts
Durable and Quality Materials! Made from latex, these resistance bands offer a slick and firm feel during use. The bands are great for constant use and can be used for prolonged workouts as well as muscle rehabilitation.
Choose your resistance! They have 5 different resistance levels from low weight resistance bands being the light pink band being 5lbs, salmon 10lbs, hot pink being 15, going up to higher resistance rose 25, and the purple band being 35lbs. Total weight for whole package is around 4oz.
Simple Packaging! Each band comes in a plastic sleeve then placed inside the black carrying bag for easy access and hassle free view of the product. The use of the carrying bag provides easy transportation of the product for home, gym, outdoor, and other traveling needs.
These Bands are for Everyone! Anyone and everyone can use these strength bands, they are extremely useful for men and women as well as all ages and provide effective resistance and training for different workout styles as well.
Zero Hassle! These bands offer a low slip rate, so they won’t be sliding up easily and disrupting your training. Due to the use of quality materials, these latex bands wont stain you or your clothes when using them!, $11.75, $11.75