ELKCIP Composite Pickleball Paddle with Cover for Women, Graphite Carbon Fiber Polypropylene Honeycomb Core Pickle Ball Racquet Gift for Mother Wife Grandmother Girlfriend

, , Pickleball Sport – A healthy, fun, social and friendly game for every player.
The sport of your choice – Pickleball is becoming an increasingly popular sport, with Pickleball participation growing 650% over the last six years.
Pickeball combines many elements of ping pong, tennis and badminton. It is popular with those racquetball enthusiasts because many of the skills are transferable. If you’ve played other racquet sports, it’s easy to learn.
Have your time with the ELKCIP Pickleball paddle!


Polymer Honeycomb Core
The honeycomb polymer core is a stable structure that enhances the strength of the paddle and greatly reduces the weight of the paddle.

Comfortable Grip
Pickleball paddles have perforated, sweat-absorbing and cushioned grips for a better grip on the paddle and flexibility for your wrists.

Graphite Surface
The graphite surface improves the racquet’s flexibility and reduces noise when hitting the ball.

Packing list:
1 × Pickleball paddle
1 × Neoprene paddle cover

Paddle size: 7.67″ W x 15.35″ L x 0.49″ H
Grip length: 4.5″
Grip circumference: 4.25”
Paddle weight: 7.9 oz
★NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED – The ELKCIP Pickleball Tennis Ball Retriever is a great tool to have on the court. This collector is easy to use and does not require any assembly, so you can start using it right away and spend less time gathering up balls. Great for storing your pickle balls or tennis balls in one place. This pickleball tennis court accessory is the perfect tool for teachers, parents and players.
★LARGE CAPACITY – This pickleball tennis ball basket is designed specifically for keeping your court clean and your ball supply plentiful. The large capacity hopper can hold up to 24 regular tennis balls or 16 pickleball balls, so you’ll never have to go far to find a ball to hit. Plus, the easy-to-use design makes it a quick and easy way to keep your court clean and your pickleball supply fresh.
★PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS – This ball picker is designed specifically for picking up pickleballs or tennis balls. The durable stainless steel materials and construction will make it last for years. The spring-action design makes it easy to grab pickleballs or tennis balls off the ground and keeping your ball safe and sound.
★SAVE YOUR BACK, HIPS, AND KNEES – The Pickleball Tennis Ball Retriever is the great tool to help you save your back, hips, and knees while playing pickleball or tennis. No longer need to bend over to pick up the ball again. With the ball picker, you can retrieve the ball in an upright position. Its unique spring design does the work for you, which can reduce your risk of injury and save your energy for scoring.
★PORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT – The Pickleball Tennis Ball Bucket is a portable and lightweight ball retriever that is designed specifically for use on the tennis court or pickleball court. The Pickleball Tennis Ball Carrier is a unique product that is designed to help players quickly and easily retrieve pickle balls or tennis balls from the playing surface, making it a great addition to your ball retriever arsenal., $49.99, $49.99