CB FITNESS Portable Pilates Bar with Resistance Bands for Men and Women Supports Full-Body Workouts

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Eager to achieve a healthy and strong physique without hitting the gym?
Due to time constraints and other factors beyond your control, going to the fitness center is not always possible for you. tag.
Well, there’s no need to worry because you can definitely get fitter and stronger, even in the comfort of your home. All you need is a set of Pilates bars with adjustable resistance bands that’ll let you effectively target and train vital muscle groups.
Stay in top shape anywhere and anytime with the CB Fitness Pilates bar stick with Resistance Bands.Gain strength, flexibility, and better posture with our elastic Pilates workout bar. Our bands are specially made with metal carabiner connectors to stay in excellent condition for many years to come.
Have a satisfying full-body workout with our elastic bands set and pilates stick, no matter where you need to be. Pilates kit essentials make a fantastic choice for newbies in the fitness world, advanced athletes who wish to supplement their training program, and even new mothers who want to get in shape.To ensure you’re able to work out effectively, we included a user manual in each pilates portable bar kit package. The thoughtful addition features detailed advice to help you execute different moves and poses with ease.
Our multifunction Pilates Bar Kit Includes:
Pilates Stick Bar
Set of 3 Exercise Flex Bands
Fit Bar Attachment
Set of 5 Resistance Bands
FREE Step by Step Fitness Guide with EBook
Need more reasons to get these travel-friendly fitness accessories? Check out these benefits:
Excellent addition to your home gym
Elastic bands showcase eye-catching colors
Made from hard-wearing parts to last
Create your own gym with exercise equipment for home workouts. Add the CB Fitness Pilates Bar kit with Resistance Band exercise stick to your cart TODAY!
List Price: $39.99