Ben Johns Eclipses the 100 Title Milestone Mark in Cincy

Ben Johns achieved a monumental milestone in his career as he secured his 100th title in Cincinnati. It was a weekend filled with excitement and celebration, but Johns fell just short of completing a Triple Crown. Alongside his brother Collin, Ben triumphed in a grueling men’s doubles final, saving match points and demonstrating incredible resilience. The victory marked his 100th title and was honored with a grand award ceremony and unique trophies. Ben continued his dominant performance, clinching the mixed doubles championship alongside Anna Leigh Waters. However, in the singles final, against Federico Staksrud, Johns struggled with fatigue and ultimately lost the match. Nonetheless, it was a remarkable achievement for Staksrud, who had previously been defeated by Johns in four consecutive finals. While Johns may have missed out on the Triple Crown, this milestone is a testament to his exceptional talent and dedication to the sport.

Ben Johns Eclipses the 100 Title Milestone Mark in Cincy

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Ben Johns’ 100th Title Weekend

Last weekend, we witnessed an incredible milestone in the world of pickleball as Ben Johns reached his 100th title in Cincinnati. It was a weekend filled with intense matches, close calls, and celebrations. Let’s take a closer look at some of the highlights from Ben Johns’ monumental achievement.

Ben and Collin Johns’ Gritty Doubles Title Win

Ben Johns and his brother Collin displayed their tenacity and determination as they fought their way to victory in the men’s doubles tournament. From saving match points in the quarterfinals to being just two points away from defeat in the semifinals, the brothers faced numerous challenges along the way. In the final against Dylan Frazier and JW Johnson, they emerged victorious with an 11-6, 11-6, 8-11, 11-8 win. It was a gritty performance that showcased their incredible skills and teamwork.

Saving Match Points and Close Calls

One of the most thrilling moments of Ben Johns’ 100th title weekend came in the quarterfinals of the men’s doubles tournament. Facing Pablo Tellez and Federico Staksrud, the Johns brothers found themselves on match point against them. However, they refused to give up and managed to turn the tables, ultimately securing the win. This was just one example of the many close calls and nail-biting moments that Ben and Collin experienced throughout the weekend.

Final Against Dylan Frazier and JW Johnson

In the final of the men’s doubles tournament, Ben and Collin faced a formidable young duo in Dylan Frazier and JW Johnson. Despite their opponents’ skills and determination, the Johns brothers proved to be the stronger team. With their exceptional shots and strategic play, they claimed the victory and solidified Ben Johns’ 100th title. It was a moment of triumph and celebration for both brothers and a testament to their immense talent.

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Celebration of Ben’s 100th Title

The achievement of reaching 100 titles in any sport is a significant milestone, and Ben Johns’ accomplishment deserved a grand celebration. After winning the men’s doubles tournament, Ben was honored with an award ceremony. He was presented with a custom trophy made of 100 individual pieces, symbolizing each of his titles. The celebration was further amplified by fireworks and the unveiling of a JOOLA gold collector’s edition paddle. It was a joyous moment for Ben, his family, and all his fans who have supported him throughout his career.

Ben Johns Eclipses the 100 Title Milestone Mark in Cincy

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Ben Johns and Anna Leigh Waters’ Mixed Doubles Championship

Ben Johns’ success continued in the mixed doubles tournament, where he teamed up with Anna Leigh Waters. The duo proved to be a formidable pair, easily securing victory in the division. They faced Vivienne David and Thomas Wilson in the final and dropped just one game on their way to becoming champions. Ben and Anna Leigh’s dominance in mixed doubles is unquestionable, and their partnership serves as an inspiration to the next generation of players looking to make their mark on the sport.

Dominance of Johns and Waters

Ben Johns and Anna Leigh Waters have consistently showcased their dominance in mixed doubles. Their complementary playing styles and exceptional skills make them a formidable team on the court. With their victory in the mixed doubles tournament, they demonstrated once again why they are considered one of the best mixed doubles pairs in the game. Their ability to work in sync and outmaneuver their opponents is a sight to behold, and it is no surprise that they continue to achieve great success together.

Inspiring the Next Generation

The success of Ben Johns and Anna Leigh Waters in mixed doubles is not only a testament to their own abilities but also a source of inspiration for the next generation of players. As young pickleball enthusiasts watch them compete and witness their achievements, they are motivated to hone their skills and strive for greatness. Ben and Anna Leigh’s success serves as a reminder that hard work, dedication, and a passion for the sport can pay off in achieving one’s goals.

Ben Johns’ Fatigue in the Singles Final

Although Ben Johns’ 100th title weekend was filled with triumphs, it also came with its own set of challenges. As he entered the singles final, it became apparent that the physical toll of the previous matches was catching up to him. In an extremely rare occurrence, Ben experienced exhaustion and a loss of energy during the match. This unexpected turn of events played a crucial role in the outcome of the singles final.

Rare Occurrence of Physical Exhaustion

Ben Johns is known for his exceptional stamina and ability to maintain a high level of play throughout long matches. However, the intense doubles matches from earlier in the day seemed to have taken a toll on his physical condition. It is rare to see Ben suffer from fatigue, but in this instance, it became a defining factor in the singles final.

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Energy Loss against Staksrud

In the singles final, Ben Johns found himself in a promising position, up 8-3 in game three against Federico Staksrud. However, as his energy levels plummeted, Staksrud capitalized on the opportunity and mounted an impressive comeback. With the help of a fortuitous net-cord, Staksrud won five consecutive points to tie the game, ultimately leading to his victory.

Staksrud’s Victory in the Singles Final

Federico Staksrud emerged as the champion in the singles final, securing his first victory against Ben Johns in a final. This win marked a significant moment in Staksrud’s career, boosting his confidence and proving that he has what it takes to compete at the highest level. Staksrud’s resilience and determination paid off, and he attributed his success to the support of the crowd, acknowledging their role in his mental fortitude during the match.

Massive Confidence Boost for Federico Staksrud

Federico Staksrud’s victory over Ben Johns in the singles final provided him with a massive confidence boost. Prior to this win, Staksrud had faced defeat in four previous finals against Johns. The improbable nature of his victory showcased his ability to compete against the best and served as a testament to his growth as a player. Staksrud expressed his gratitude to the crowd, recognizing their role in his triumph and the mental strength he derived from their support.

Staksrud’s Previous Losses against Johns

Federico Staksrud had previously encountered Ben Johns in four finals and was unable to secure a win. These losses were undoubtedly disappointing for Staksrud, but they also fueled his determination to improve and overcome the challenges presented by Johns. The victory in the singles final not only marked a significant milestone in his career but also served as redemption for those previous defeats.

Improbable Victory

Defeating Ben Johns in a final is no easy feat, and Staksrud’s victory was nothing short of remarkable. The circumstances surrounding the match, including Johns’ exhaustion and Staksrud’s ability to capitalize on the opportunity, made the win all the more memorable. Staksrud’s ability to maintain composure and deliver exceptional shots under pressure was a testament to his skill and mental strength as a player.

Staksrud’s Gratitude to the Crowd

In his post-match interview, Federico Staksrud expressed his gratitude to the enthusiastic crowd that supported him throughout the match. He credited their passion and unwavering support as a driving force behind his mental fortitude and ability to overcome adversity. Staksrud’s acknowledgment of the crowd’s impact serves as a reminder of the role fans play in elevating the performance of athletes and contributing to the overall atmosphere of competitiveness and excitement.

Johns’ Desire for a Complete Triple Crown

Despite reaching the remarkable milestone of 100 titles and his victory in the men’s doubles tournament, Ben Johns could not help but feel disappointed in falling short of a Triple Crown. The Triple Crown, which consists of winning the singles, doubles, and mixed doubles titles in a tournament, is the pinnacle of achievement in pickleball. Ben’s determination and unwavering desire for excellence were evident in his refusal to settle for anything less.

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Johns’ Disappointment

Ben Johns’ disappointment in not achieving a Triple Crown was understandable, considering his dominant performance throughout the tournament. Falling just three points short of the feat must have been frustrating for him, especially considering his exceptional skill set and track record. However, this disappointment will undoubtedly serve as fuel for his future endeavors, pushing him to strive for even greater heights in his pickleball career.

Three Points Away from Triple Crown

Ben Johns’ exceptional performance in the singles and men’s doubles tournaments had him on track for a possible Triple Crown. However, the physical exhaustion he experienced in the singles final hindered his ability to complete the feat. Despite being just three points away from the ultimate achievement, Ben’s determination and competitive spirit remain intact, leaving no doubt that he will continue to pursue the Triple Crown in future tournaments.

Unwillingness to Settle for Less

Ben Johns’ unwillingness to settle for anything less than a complete Triple Crown is a testament to his relentless pursuit of greatness. He consistently pushes himself to the limit and sets high standards for his performance. While falling short of the Triple Crown may be disappointing, it is this unwavering desire for success that sets Ben apart as a competitor and ensures that he will continue to be a force to be reckoned with in the world of pickleball.

Anna Leigh Waters’ Dominance in Women’s Division

While Ben Johns’ 100th title weekend took the spotlight, it is important to acknowledge the exceptional achievements of Anna Leigh Waters in the women’s division. Waters showcased her dominance and skill by winning both the singles and doubles titles. Her remarkable performance earned her yet another Triple Crown, tying her with Ben Johns at 18 Triple Crowns apiece.

ALW’s Singles and Doubles Titles

Anna Leigh Waters’ success in both the singles and doubles tournaments is a testament to her versatility and excellence as a player. She displayed exceptional skill, strategy, and determination to come out on top in both divisions. Her ability to perform at a high level in different formats highlights her adaptability and superior understanding of the game.

Triple Crown Achievement

By adding the mixed doubles title to her singles and doubles wins, Anna Leigh Waters secured yet another Triple Crown in her illustrious career. The Triple Crown achievement, much like Ben Johns’ pursuit of the feat, signifies the highest level of success in pickleball. Anna Leigh’s consistent performance and ability to excel in all aspects of the game make her a formidable force in women’s pickleball.

Tying with Ben Johns

The fact that Anna Leigh Waters has now achieved 18 Triple Crowns, tying her with Ben Johns, is a testament to her skill, dedication, and impact on the sport. Her presence in the women’s division is a constant reminder of her ability to compete at the highest level and dominate her opponents. Tying with Ben in Triple Crowns further solidifies her position as one of the greatest players in the sport’s history.


Ben Johns’ 100th title weekend was a rollercoaster of emotions, filled with triumphant victories, close calls, and moments of disappointment. His achievement of reaching 100 titles is a testament to his exceptional skill and unwavering dedication to the sport of pickleball. Although falling short of a Triple Crown, Ben’s determination and desire for excellence remain unmatched. The success of Federico Staksrud and Anna Leigh Waters adds to the excitement of the weekend, showcasing the depth of talent and competitive spirit in the world of pickleball. As we celebrate Ben’s remarkable milestone and the achievements of other top players, we are reminded of the excitement and passion that pickleball brings to fans and players alike.

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