Beives Pickleball Paddles Pickleball Set Lightweight Pickle Ball Raquette Set of 4, Pickle Ball Set with 4 Rackets and 4 Balls Including Portable Carry Bag

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Product Description

Fiberglass Surface Fiberglass Surface Wooden Face Graphite Carbon Fiber Face Graphite Carbon Fiber Face Fiberglass Surface

Honeycomb Composite Core Honeycomb Composite Core 7-ply Basswood Honeycomb Composite Core Honeycomb Composite Core Honeycomb Composite Core

Edge Guard & Carry Bag Edge Guard & Carry Bag Edge Guard & Carry Bag Edge Guard & Carry Bag Edge Guard & Carry Bag Edge Guard & Carry Bag





【Pickleball Paddles Set of 4】With 4 lightweight pickleball rackets, 2 outdoor pickleball balls & 2 indoor pickleballs, and 1 pickleball bag, this pickleball paddle set includes everything you need to play with friends or family! Just pick our pickleball balls to enjoy the competitive game right now!
【Premium Lightweight Construction】These pickleball racquets are made of honeycomb structure with premium fiberglass face, which has excellent strength and stiffness. Each pickleball paddle weighs 7.9oz, with a great balance of power and control. This pickleball set is suitable for all skill levels, especially friendly to beginners and intermediates.
【Professional Pickleball Size】The dimensions of the pickleball racket are 15.3″ L x 7.8” W x 0.42”H, and the size of our pickleball racket is strictly in accordance with the game standard. You can use our racket in the game, This wide paddle has a large sweet spot that will help you to reduce mishits. They are made for indoor or outdoor play with included two outdoor and two indoor balls.
【Comfortable Cushioned Grip Rackets】Pickleball paddles equipped with perforated cushioned grip, which is anti-slip and sweat-wicking. The ergonomic grip not only provides you with great comfort, but also achieves precise grip and maneuverability, let you control the paddle and balls easily without feeling tired.
【Have Fun with Pickleball Sets】Our pickleball paddles are the perfect choice for schools, sports clubs, community, youth groups, gyms, beach, and etc. The portable carry bag holds all of the paddles and balls, let you enjoy the game anywhere and anytime!
List Price: $84.99